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Explore the best sights here at Costa Pacifica’s hotel gallery!

Casita de Bahia 2
Accommodation 1
Accommodation 2
Visit San Luis Obispo de Tolosa Church
Food 1
Costa Pacifica 5
Reception Area 1
Costa Pacifica 5
Costa Pacifica
Costa Pacifica 1
Costa Pacifica 2
Reception Area
Pool Area
Costa Pacifica 3
Costa Pacifica 4
Costa Pacifica Pool 3
Food 2
Food 3
Food 4
Food 16
Food 17
Food 18
Food 19
Food 20
Food 21
Food 22
Food 23
Food 15
Food 14
Food 13
Food 5
Food 6
Food 7
Food 8
Food 9
Food 10
Food 11
Food 12
Food 24
Casa de Bahia
Enjoy a stroll by the boardwalk
Lounge on one of Costa Pacificas hammocks
Visit the historic Dona Aurora House
Visit Ditumabo Falls
Junior Premiere
The Pavilion 1
Pacifica One Bedroom Suite
Beach House 1
Casita de Bahia
Junior Suite
The Pavilion
The Beach House
Learn to surf with Charlie Does
Visit Dicasalarin Cove
Casa Loft
Visit Dicasalarin Cove
Costa Pacifica Pool
Costa Pacifica Pool 1
Casa Library
Get a sun kissed tan at Sabang Beach
Pacifica One Bedroom Suite 1
One Bedroom Suite 1
Ermita Hill
Aniao Islet
Visit Mt. Minoli
Dimadimalangat Islet
Pacifica One Bedroom Suite 3
Pacifica Premiere 3
Pacifica Premiere 1
The Beach House 2
Pacifica One Bedroom Suite
Pacifica Premiere
Try Spelunking
Gift Shop
Kids Pool
Visit the famous Balete Tree
Pacifica Suite
Casa Conforence
Costa Pacifica Pool 3